Having a baby is challenging both for parents and the new arrival. Preparing for parenthood is very challenging and whilst there is a wealth of information and advice available, nothing beats having a knowledgeable and reliable experienced practitioner to talk to and to get reassurance or sound advice from with a specific issue or concern.

Our aim is to be that supportive shoulder to lean on in times of need, whether this be on feeding, sleeping, colic, weaning or just sound advice on establishing routines and looking after yourselves!

We try to provide a reassuring voice and a listening ear so that we can be specific with the support and help we offer.
Each family has unique needs and our troubleshooting service is tailor made to fit your needs.

Please see below for an outline of the services we provide.

Home visit, action plan and follow up support (telephone/ Skype): £150.00

This package is designed to support you through a period of time (4 weeks). The Home visit (up to 2 Hours) is to establish the needs of the family and to discuss the best options to support you and to put together an action plan. The 4 follow up calls (4 x 30 mins) will offer support, reassurance and ongoing advice on how to progress the plan and address the specific issue or concern over a four week period.

Home visit and Action Plan (2 hours): £100.00

This package is designed to help put together a workable plan to address the specific needs or concerns of the family. It is designed to provide sound and tailor made advice in situ to help you overcome the concern or issue raised.

Telephone or Skype – consultation: (approx. 45 minutes): with 4 additional email support £30.00

This package can be fitted in to your busy schedule and does not include a home visit. A consultation by telephone or Skype would aim to listen to your needs or concerns and build an action plan  to support the establishment of routines or implementation of ideas to overcome the specific challenge or challenges you are facing.

We appreciate that every family'all needs are unique and whilst we have packages suggested above, if you contact me directly by email, we can discuss a tailor made package that would suit your needs and circumstances more directly and specifically.

We aim to be flexible and supportive in our approach, so please just ask.