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My Buggy Buddy Weights, when used in conjunction with the My Buddy Buggy Clip, provide a counterbalance to shopping or other items suspended from a buggy. Trips out with babies and toddlers invariably mean a lot of paraphernalia comes too, so these essential weights stabilise the buggy or pushchair preventing tipping and keeping baby safe.

My Buggy Buddy weights simply wrap around the buggy frame, are slim and discreet and allow buggy to be folded whilst still in place. The zipped covers are detachable and can be machine washed.

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It is a simple fact that buggies and pushchairs laden down with bags will tip over unless you have a set of My Buggy Buddy Weights.

Keep Baby Safe

The Buggy Buddy Weights ingenious design for baby buggies, they solve a very common problem which can be hugely annoying and potentially dangerous parenting issue, they help prevent the risk of a buggy tipping over.

Easy to fit and remove

The Buggy Buddy Weights are very easy to use, they simply wrap around the buggy or prime frame and Velcro in place to provide an effective weighting system to counterbalance any additional weight put on the buggy. This slim design is discreet, doesn't interfere with manoeuvrability, it sits higher away from ground level so stays cleaner and importantly allows the buggy to be folded down and locked together with the weights still in place.

Easy to clean

My Buggy Buddy Weights feature zipped covers which can easily be removed for washing and long Velcro straps ensure the weights offer a universal fit. They are a fantastic invention.

2 weights in a pack

total weight of 1.5 kg per pair

black nylon sleeves