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A potty for the complete potty training solution. Lumipotti has an in-built, movement activated light that helps your child build confidence and makes them feel secure, reducing the number of accidents they experience.

Lumipotti allows your child to take greater responsibility for their toilet training and develop toilet training at their own pace. Lumipotti is also great for use in day time toilet training and nap time training. Such a great innovation it is an award winner!!

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LumiPotti encourages children’s natural progress through every stage of toilet training, from dry all day to dry all night.


Perfect as a daytime potty, begin toilet training with LumiPotti around the home until ready for naptime training - LumiPotti day comfort features include; tall back rest, high front peak and steep bowl.


Nap times are for mini sleep training - Use LumiPotti to encourage your child to start sleep bladder control


LumiPotti is the only night light potty. Movement activated, battery operated, LumiPotti night light helps children grow night confidence and night dryness. - LumiPotti Light is photosensitive to operate in dim/low light levels only - LumiPotti Light is movement activated & turns off 60 seconds after no detected movement.


The final stage of toilet training; independent night-time bathroom trips - Complete toilet training using LumiPotti Light as a portable, battery operated night light for your child’s final mastery of independent toileting.

Build Confidence

The removable, movement activated light fits in the back rest and blinks on when your child sits up in bed, it stays on to guide them out of bed to use the potty and back again. Lumipotti turns off sixty seconds after the last detected movement or when your child is safely back in bed. The children who use Lumipotti say that it makes them feel safe at night, safe means confident, as confidence grows they will have fewer accidents.

Save Money

Save £’s in nappies. Continuing day success into night at your child’s pace saves an average of 300 nappies* - LumiPotti saves approximately ½ tonne nappy waste*. Save £’s in electricity bills. Leaving a light on for your child to rise at night is costly. Night lights can also affect their sleep patterns**.  

*On average a childs extended usage of nappies at nighttime is 26 months to 3 years (10 months). This additional nappy usage equates to approximately 300 extra nappies, or approximately ½ tonne of waste [1]

** General advice on sleep patterns in children is known to accept that children’s sleep will be poorly affected by night lights or mains lighting left on.

Optimum seating position for faster results

Movement activated night light

Photosensitive sensor

Removable, portable night light for independent training

Battery operated

Designed by Mums and Made in England