Sleep Support


Do you need help and support with your baby or child’s sleep? Being a sleep deprived parent can be tough, and whilst there is a wealth of information and advice available, nothing beats having a knowledgeable and reliable experienced sleep practitioner to talk to and to get reassurance or sound advice from with a sleep issue or concern.

My aim as a baby sleep consultant is to be that supportive shoulder to lean on in times of need, although there is a vast amount of sleep information all aimed at tired sleep deprived parents, much of it I find to be conflicting advice and can often overload tired parents with information by what to do next!!

Each family has unique needs and my baby sleep support service is tailor made to fit the needs of your baby or child and the expectations of each family!

My infant sleep support packages are designed to resolve any sleep related issues from persistent night waking, difficult bedtimes and supporting your little one to sleep in their own bed. I use proven soothing sleep techniques and support you through the whole process, especially when you are having confidence dips, I’ve been there and I get how overwhelming it can all feel!

Karen at Parents & Co will send you a sleep history form to complete, answering questions about your little ones current sleep issues and how you respond, I will also ask you to complete a sleep diary for 48 hours, this assists me to ascertain the nature of the sleep issue and how I can support you with an individual package that suits your child and family.

Please note that telephone or Skype consultations should be paid in full before I can confirm the consultation. Visits in person, are dependant on the location, I cover a 15-mile radius from WD24 area, please call for further information.

Please see below for an outline of the services I provide.

Infant Sleep Support Packages


This package can be fitted in to your busy schedule whether you are in the UK or overseas and does not include a home visit. A consultation by telephone or Skype would aim to listen to your needs or concerns and build an action sleep plan to support the establishment of routines or implementation of ideas to overcome the specific baby sleep challenge or challenges you are facing. This package includes the exchange of two support emails and one follow up telephone call to help you successfully implement the plan and to help resolve any problems you are facing.

HOME VISIT or Skype consultation AND ACTION PLAN ( approx - 2 HOURS): £200.00

This package is designed to help put together a workable sleep plan to address the specific needs or concerns of the family. It is designed to provide sound and tailor made advice in situ to help you overcome the sleep issue or concern, we will discuss your little ones sleep issue and most importantly an effective way to resolve it. 
Following the visit or Skype call I will send you the tailor made sleep plan. I will also offer a follow-up telephone/skype call to find out how you are getting on and supporting you to resolve any issues or problems.

Two weeks additional email support will be offered.


This package is designed to support you through a period of time (4 weeks). The Home visit (up to 2 Hours) is to establish the needs of the family and to discuss the best options to support you and to put together a sleep action plan. All action plans are tailor made for you to follow. I will be there at your baby/child’s bedtime, helping and supporting you to implement the sleep techniques, ensuring your road to success! I usually stay for about 2-3 hours, depending on the level of support needed. (Please call for areas covered)

The 4 follow up calls (4 x 20 mins) will offer support, reassurance and ongoing advice on how to progress the plan and address the specific issue or concern over a four week period.
This package is suitable for babies over six months of age.


This package is designed to support and help you implement your individual sleep action plan step by step. I will come to your house at your baby/child’s bedtime and stay overnight on the first night from 6pm-6am, helping you through the night supporting you to implement the sleep techniques. My aim is to offer support to give you confidence to continue with our sleep action plan and have success. This package is great if you are feeling anxious and just need that extra guidance. Any additional hours booked will be charged at £25.00, if needed extra nights can be booked please ask about costs…

The 4 follow up calls (4 x 20 mins) will offer support, reassurance and ongoing advice on how to progress the plan and address the specific issue or concern over a four week period.

This package is suitable for babies over six months of age.



If you find you still need further help or support, or maybe a little reassurance then my additional support is there to get you back on track!

  • An extra weeks email support £30.00.
  • Extra telephone calls are charged at £25 for approx 30 mins,
  • Or additional one to one hours support are charged at £25.00 per hour

Under most circumstances travel costs are included in the sleep packages. If you live in Central London and congestion charges apply I would ask for this cost to be met, and also the cost of parking if this applies to your street.

I appreciate that every families needs are unique and whilst we have packages suggested above, if you contact me directly by email or give me a call, we can discuss a tailor made package that would suit your needs and circumstances more directly and specifically.

Karen aim’s to be flexible and supportive in her approach, so please just ask. or call: 07762038269