Postnatal Support

Baby and MumWho am I?

My name is Karen Langston and I am an experienced and passionate Early Years Specialist and Qualified Maternity Nurse who adores her job. I am patient, calm, caring, organised and cheerful, with a positive attitude and I offer a personal service to parents of new babies.

I can help you settle into a gentle pattern with your baby and make sure that you are well rested, whilst also showing you how to care for and understand your new baby.  I am also able to help troubleshoot difficulties you may be experiencing with new baby or little one, so please ask if you think you could use my help. A proble shared is a problem halved.

What Can I Offer?

I am a qualified Breastfeeding Support Mentor and have attended Sleep in Children and Sleep Training courses run by Be Ready to Parent. I can support you with concerns over breastfeeding and help in establishing gentle sleep routines.

I aim to leave you feeling confident in all aspects, both emotionally and physically, of your new baby's care & routine, as there are times when you will start to doubt yourself, and start questioning your gut instincts, many mums go through the same experiences and feelings! 

I will come to your home after your baby is born and stay with you for a few hours at a time, at a time works for you, this may be for a few days or weeks. During this time I can advise & support on routines, feeding changing, winding, bathing and help answer any concerns or questions you have or if you just want to have a shower without worrying if baby will need feeding or you just need an extra pair of hands! 

I am also available to speak on the phone, Skype or email to support during the early days. This service is a cost effective way of getting the support you need. I love my work and just can't imagine doing anything else that would be so deeply rewarding. 

I am constantly updating my knowledge to strive towards offering the best possible service. Having worked with babies and young children for over 25 years now, I have come to learn the wonderful joy they bring to a family - as well as the sleepless nights! 

I specialise in postnatal support packages, everything from a few hours hands on help, to round the clock care for up to 72 hours, allowing mum to recover from the birth with ongoing support for 2 months on topics such as: feeding, sleep and routines.


Below are some messages I received from parents who had worked with me with one to one support to help them with sleep, beastfeeding or establishing good routines. I love receiving these and am proud that I have been able to help.

  • Wow wow wow! Rachel didn't wake again til 6.15am and I gave her a big cuddle with lots of praise for staying asleep in her bed all night :) she then said "you shut the door" so I reminded her why etc and very happy and rested! Feels amazing. Thank you Karen! X
  • Well another positive evening! Oscar was asleep by 7:45!! It's a miracle! He was so tired today, I took him to my dads so he was rolling around with him in the garden, then I took him to the park and we were home by 5:30 for dinner, then he had some tv time and then bath by 6:30 and 2 and a half stories later he was asleep! Amazing! :-) Thank you so much.
  • Yeah it went really well, we started dinner a bit late though as we had to make yorkshires from scratch! So we went up for a bath at about 6:45 and he was asleep by 8!!! Amazing!!! He still mucked about but was a lot better than normal. Thank you so much it all felt so much better than it has done before and he loved helping set the table and have dinner together. 
  • Hi Karen, thank you for looking in to the gastro recommendation the thought of this sleeplessness and condition continuing is frightening xx can't thank you enough or all the help so far she is definitely being assisted by the routine etc and is a very happy baby X


My fee for Parents & Co Postnatal one-to-one support is from £14 per hour.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are looking for support with baby care, problem solving or just some non-judgmental advice!