New Born Baby

Postnatal support

New parents could not be more excited about the arrival of their new bundle of joy. Parenthood seems blissful and perfect, then the realisation for new parents hits; the sleepless nights, an endless blur of feeding, your emotions run high!
You start to doubt yourself; you start to feel anxious or worried that you are doing the right thing!

The good news is this is normal. Many mums (parents) feel like this and, with support, you can start to enjoy your new arrival and life as a new family.

I don’t just provide you with an extra pair of hands for a few days or weeks; I work on supporting parents to ease them into their new role of being parents. Making parents feel more positive and confident within their new role.

With my support parents will learn to understand baby’s cues and establish gentle routines that work for the whole family, which means you are much more likely to enjoy your baby and feel you are coping.

My support can start immediately after baby is born, or once your partner has gone back to work.

Parents & Co Postnatal one-to-one support can help in the following ways:

  • Support with feeding your baby/babies breastfeed or bottle (expert signposting if necessary)
  • Supporting your physical and emotional recovery
  • Practical support to help you care for your newborn/s
  • Providing practical support on establishing routines on sleep, feeding, bathing and general baby care
  • Being there to re-assure parents and answering any of those normal parenting questions
  • Give mum an opportunity to look after herself following the birth, so she can have a chance to sleep, bathe or relax.
  • Let mum have the opportunity to discuss her birth, new role as a parent and how she’s feeling
  • If you have twins or triplets, can also advise how to tandem feed, helping to synchronise their feeds, and gain some much needed sleep
  • Helping you get out of the house; whether that be for a doctor’s appointment or just going to the shops (this can be especially daunting with more than one).

How it works:

I will come to your home after baby is born and stay with you for a few hours, or night support, at a time that works for you.  This support may be for a few days or a few weeks; whatever suits your needs.

I offer flexible care and tend to work during the day between 3 to 5 hours at a time, and nights which i am available up to 4 nights a week generally working 9pm until 7am, offering an individual service to meet the needs of each family I work with.

The fee for Parents & Co Postnatal one-to-one support is from £16 per hour.

To enquire about this service or make a booking please contact Karen