Sleep Workshops

Parents & Co Infant Sleep Workshop

Our sleep workshops are relaxed and informal. These workshops can be run within the comfort of your home or even in your work place. Group workshop’s (minimum 6 people).

Would you like to understand and improve your little ones sleep?

When you have a baby who isn't sleeping, it can be so easy to get overwhelmed.

The thing to remember is that there is always a reason why they're not sleeping...and a way to help them!

Are they in a development leap? Are they fighting naptime?

Our Sleep practitioner will share her expertise and knowledge for this friendly sleep session; this workshop is ideal for parents with infants from 3 months upwards. Parents with infants younger than 5 months are welcome to attend….

This sleep session will last 1.5 hours and covers:

  • Realistic sleep expectations/ What to expect from your baby’s sleep?
  • Does sleep need fixing?
  • When does something become a sleep issue? (When it becomes one for your family!)
  • How biology affects sleep?
  • Developing the foundations for sleep: naps, bedtime, bedtime routine and supporting night wake ups.
  • Tips to encourage positive sleep.
  • Gentle strategies for improving your baby’s sleep.
  • Your questions answered.

The cost for this session is £20 per person and includes a sleep handout and refreshments.

Locations covered: Hertfordshire and North London

Please be aware prices may vary depending on location.

We have several workshops scheduled, if you are interested in attending please click here for further information or contact if you would be interested in finding out more about courses or help that she can provide.