Mum & New Baby Courses

Parents & Co: Mum & New Baby

Parents & Co six week course 'Mum & New Baby' covers common issues that parents face with new born babies in their first 6 months.

Parents & Co courses offer support, advice and solutions in a relaxed and informal environment whilst your baby/child feeds, sleeps or plays!

Our 'Mum & New Baby' courses are a great way to make new friends, share experiences, gain further knowledge & skills to be a more confident parent.

The course is held at the Bushey & Oxhey Methodist Church, 77 Chalk Hill, London Road, WD19 4DA Hertfordshire and costs £70.00.

Included in our course are supporting materials on each topic and a complimentary tea, coffee or soft drink at each session.

This six week course covers the following topics:

Week 1 Meet & Greet & Baby Massage session

This session is a great opportunity to discover what topic’s we will be covering in future weeks, sleeping, teething, weaning,infant first aid, baby development activity ideas, & childcare options. You will also learn at this session the benefits of loving touch, connection, bonding and early attachment through an intro to baby massage, you will learn a few useful techniques to help calm and relax your babies.You will get to freely chat about your own experiences with parenthood, meet other local mums and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a piece of cake!

Week 2 Sleeping:

  • During this session you will learn about and hopefully find answers to the following questions: 
  • What are expected babies sleep cycles? 
  • How much sleep your baby needs? How to achieve a better nights sleep? 
  • How you establish good sleep routines? 
  • How you can use different comforting techniques, sleeping aids and products?
  • Our sleep expert will also discuss and answer many of the questions a new mum wants to ask about baby sleep and they will offer advice, support and encouragement.

Week 3 Weaning:

During this session you will learn:

  • When to start weaning?
  • How to read the signs your baby is ready?
  • What foods to introduce? Explore simple recipes you can cook for your baby. 
  • Baby led weaning V's Traditional Weaning Method
  • Sample some yummy weaning foods. 
  • Look at good weaning products. 
  • Discuss weaning baby from a dummy and from bottle or breast to cup.

Week 4 Teething:

During this session we will discuss:

  • Signs and symptoms of teething; 
  • When babies get their teeth?
  • Tips on how to make teething easier; 
  • Suggest remedies that may offer relief for your teething baby. 
  • Look at products and teething aids.

Week 5 Infant First Aid: delivered by Lara Hemens from Baby Natal First Aid 

During this session we will discuss:
  • CPR
  • Tips on dealing with choking
  • Burns & Scalds
  • High temperatures
  • Essential knowledge for new mums 

Week 6 Baby Development & Child Care Options

During this week we will explore:

  • Baby development from birth to around 6 months old, 
  • Practical play activity ideas, 
  • How you can start developing a baby’s imagination 
  • Assess the different child-care options available, 
  • Discuss the credentials to look for when employing a nanny, au-pair, child minder or nursery school
  • FREE goody bag for all mums that attend the complete six week course.


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