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  • Mum really knows best!

    Mum really knows best!

    From the moment you conceive everybody has their opinion on how you should raise your baby, from what kind of birth you have, to how to feed your baby...
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  • Postnatal Exercise

    Postnatal Exercise

    “How much weight did you gain?” “Are you back to your pre-baby weight yet?” If you haven’t been asked these questions, chances are you’ve thought about them anyway. How much more ‘baby weight’ there was left to lose was a common topic in mummy groups after I had my babies.
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  • Baby food

    Baby food

    Weaning is a natural process in which you gradually introduce your baby to "solid" foods. There are two main reason for weaning: one is nutritional and the other is social. The recommended advice from health specialists is not to begin weaning your baby until they are around 6 months old. However some babies aren't completely satisfied on milk alone and can start weaning from around 20 weeks, but not before 17 weeks as your baby's gut is simply not mature enough to cope with baby food.
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  • Facial Expressions!

    Facial Expressions!

    Babies and children look to the adults they trust to provide them with clues to safely guide their explorations. The clues often come from the parent’s non-verbal behaviour, in particular the facial expression.
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  • a2 Milk

    a2 Milk

    We are told “breast is best” as it provides anti-bodies passed down from Mum to her baby, that help protect babies against cold, tummy bugs, chest infections and ear infections. But there is another less publicised benefit of breast milk a2 Milk Company say, the beta casein protein in human breast milk is of the A2 type by virtue of its structure and digestion, and does not contain the A1 form of this protein found in cows' milk.
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  • Baby Teething - signs and symptoms

    Baby Teething - signs and symptoms

    Signs & symptoms of baby teething can vary greatly from one baby to the next. A baby's first tooth can appear anytime between three and 12 months
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  • The Witching Hour - when new born babies scream!!

    The Witching Hour - when new born babies scream!!

    No one will warn you in advance, that each evening, your baby will use every ounce of his energy to cry very loudly, and that everything you try will simply make him cry louder. And the witching hour name is misleading, because it can last much longer than an hour!!
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  • Spooky Cup Cakes

    Spooky Cup Cakes

    Its half term week and this week I had a lovely fun morning with Lady T a fun energetic 6 year old!! She loves baking, so as its Halloween this week I decided we would make some spooky cup cakes together!
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  • Do you agree with trick or treat?

    Do you agree with trick or treat?

    Will your kids be trick or treating this year? Do you find it fun or begging in disguise? Trick or treating is celebrated in many countries on Halloween.This blog looks at the positives and negatives of this celebration and how to make it more enjoyable and safe for all involved.
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