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  • How did my little boy grow up so fast!

    How did my little boy grow up so fast!

    How did my son grow up so fast reflects on the journey of motherhood and letting go when the time comes.
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  • Parenthood is the hardest job in the world?

    Parenthood is the hardest job in the world?

    Parenthood is the hardest job. It's relentless, unpredictable, overwhelming, fantastic, exhausting! Everything that people tell you and more. I don't honestly think anything can prepare you for what it's really like in the early weeks of being new parents.
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  • Surviving Christmas with a baby!

    Surviving Christmas with a baby!

    The excitement of your new baby combined with the sentiment of Christmas often brings huge stress!!! Everyone wants some time with your baby including you!! Your parents invite you to stay over at their house, don’t worry about packing they’ve set up a nursery; your husbands family want to see baby too so you compromise and say you will spend Boxing day with them, they live a 100 miles away!!
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  • The Cobbled Kitchen

    The Cobbled Kitchen

    I’m a mother of two boys in my mid-40s who decided 2 years ago that I could no longer be a secondary school teacher as well as a mum! And so, it came to a “now or never” moment to pursue the idea of being self-employed and doing what I love – cooking and teaching.
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  • Plums are in season!

    Plums are in season!

    You can introduce plums to a weaning baby from 6 months old. All varieties of plums are very nutritious, they are high in fibre, low in cholesterol, sodium free and rich in Vitamin A & Vitamin K and contain minerals like iron and potassium. They are also great for helping constipation! Plums don't pose a high allergy risk so a great fruit to introduce to a baby that is weaning.
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  • Moving baby into their own bedroom!

    Moving baby into their own bedroom!

    Moving your baby into their own bedroom can feel daunting for some parents! As it can feel another big step from helpless newborn to little person! Many parents just feel they don't want their baby out of their sight!
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  • Fertility at 40!

    Fertility at 40!

    While exploring fertility treatment I felt there was a real stigma attached to older mothers in particular. What makes me cross is that a lot of people think women are leaving motherhood too late for selfish reasons, when in fact many may not have met the right man or may have experienced many years of not being able to conceive.
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  • What do new mums talk about?

    What do new mums talk about?

    Often the conversation is just about their new offspring, with no mention of life outside babies! No chat about career paths, social events (unless it involves the baby), interests or anything else beyond being a mum!
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  • Sleep Easy!

    Sleep Easy!

    Sleep is a basic ability that all babies are naturally born to develop! Yes that's right develop! As they grow they start to need healthy sleep, but of course newborns need our help to soothe, calm and settle....
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