• Tips for Early Risers!

    Tips for Early Risers!

    So what can you do if your baby or toddler is an early riser! I have 5 tips to help you with this. As a baby sleep consultant I can help you in improving your baby sleep training.
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  • Parent's & Co Christmas Event

    Parent's & Co Christmas Event

    Christmas event hosted by Parents and Co at the Kings Stag on Wednesday 14th December 2016 for mums and babies, with refreshments and pampering activities.
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  • Spooky Cup Cakes

    Spooky Cup Cakes

    Its half term week and this week I had a lovely fun morning with Lady T a fun energetic 6 year old!! She loves baking, so as its Halloween this week I decided we would make some spooky cup cakes together!
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  • Do you agree with trick or treat?

    Do you agree with trick or treat?

    Will your kids be trick or treating this year? Do you find it fun or begging in disguise? Trick or treating is celebrated in many countries on Halloween.This blog looks at the positives and negatives of this celebration and how to make it more enjoyable and safe for all involved.
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  • Surviving clock changes with your little ones!

    Surviving clock changes with your little ones!

    When the clocks fall back it means we gain an extra hour of sleep, except babies don't quite understand this! This blog gives tips to parents on how to cope with this change by gradually adjusting your child's sleeping routine to help their body clock adjust smoothly.
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  • Prepare your child for school

    Prepare your child for school

    With half of all five year olds declared not ready for school this blog explores what a parent can do to prepare your child for school and outlines skill areas and support that is available for parents to help their child prepare for school.
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  • Starting big school!

    Starting big school!

    Many parents feel some anxiety about their child starting formal education. Whether its starting nursery school or reception, this jump is a big step.
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  • Summer Holiday in the UK

    Summer Holiday in the UK

    Summer holiday in the UK recounts a great vacation location in Milford on Sea in Hampshire as a great place to holiday in the UK with your family and dogs. With dog friendly beaches, fantastic coastal and forest walks its a great place to escape to in the UK.
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  • How to create a positive play date.

    How to create a positive play date.

    Eight tips for creating a positive play date experience for your child and yourself and things to think about in advance of the play date to encourage sharing.
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