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  • Sleep Training Twins

    Sleep Training Twins

    After I completed my sleep support plan with Emma and her twins Ellie and Dominic I was so delighted to see the difference it had made on the whole family! We focused on one twin at a time and amazingly the parents saw the difference in their sleep habits almost immediately!
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  • Sleep Support for Parents

    Sleep Support for Parents

    A Testimonial from a Sleep Deprived Mum As first time parents you get lots of unhelpful advice, especially when you have a problem. Our problem was that we hadn't had a full night's sleep for 20 months and the cracks were really showing! Our daughter would need cuddling to sleep and would wake up every night, at least once, for around 2 whole hours. Lots of people told me to let her cry herself to sleep, but that felt wrong to me, it hurt me to even think about it,so we carried on cuddling her to sleep and hoped one day she'd sleep through the night by herself. My husband has a demanding job and I am pregnant again and looking after an active toddler, we started to feel like we weren't fulfilling our roles properly, like exhaustion had become part of our personalities and we were totally different people. We were unhappy, stressed and parenting became harder and harder. The disturbed sleep must have been having the same effect on our daughter. Karen was recommended to me
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  • Premature Mum - An Emotional Journey

    Premature Mum - An Emotional Journey

    The reflections of a premature mum and her emotional recounting of her journey, its trials and tribulations, and eventual joy in having her premature twin boys
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  • The Cobbled Kitchen

    The Cobbled Kitchen

    I’m a mother of two boys in my mid-40s who decided 2 years ago that I could no longer be a secondary school teacher as well as a mum! And so, it came to a “now or never” moment to pursue the idea of being self-employed and doing what I love – cooking and teaching.
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  • Postnatal Exercise

    Postnatal Exercise

    “How much weight did you gain?” “Are you back to your pre-baby weight yet?” If you haven’t been asked these questions, chances are you’ve thought about them anyway. How much more ‘baby weight’ there was left to lose was a common topic in mummy groups after I had my babies.
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  • Fostering: Key Considerations and Benefits

    Fostering: Key Considerations and Benefits

    A guest blog written by the NFA as a guide to the benefits of fostering and the key attributes and considerations foster parents need to have before making this important and life changing decision.
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  • Over feeding Babies can lead to physical illiteracy

    Over feeding Babies can lead to physical illiteracy

    The potential of young children to develop good fundamental movement skills is being undermined by early overfeeding of babies.
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  • Fatherhood - Perspective of a new dad

    Fatherhood - Perspective of a new dad

    What, now that baby is here, has been the greatest joy of fatherhood? It’s amazing to think that you made the little person in front of you. It’s a funny feeling really – Generally I fell awesomely scared and petrified but also so grateful to have him in our life – I guess that is the joy bit.
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  • What Katy Said - Cloth Nappies

    What Katy Said - Cloth Nappies

    People have the misconception that reusables are a hassle. Older generations tell us that they were awful and we should stick to disposables as they are 'easy'. However, times have changed and modern cloth nappies work just like disposables - they even have Velcro, so no more pins!
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