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  • Sleep Easy!

    Sleep Easy!

    Sleep is a basic ability that all babies are naturally born to develop! Yes that's right develop! As they grow they start to need healthy sleep, but of course newborns need our help to soothe, calm and settle....
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  • Mum really knows best!

    Mum really knows best!

    From the moment you conceive everybody has their opinion on how you should raise your baby, from what kind of birth you have, to how to feed your baby...
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  • Postnatal Exercise

    Postnatal Exercise

    “How much weight did you gain?” “Are you back to your pre-baby weight yet?” If you haven’t been asked these questions, chances are you’ve thought about them anyway. How much more ‘baby weight’ there was left to lose was a common topic in mummy groups after I had my babies.
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