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  • Was your birth less than perfect?

    Was your birth less than perfect?

    For many mothers now-days they have negative birth experiences, this is due to many contributing factors, a woman needs the support of a known , trusted midwife, choice of where to give birth, at home, birthing centre or on a labour ward and the opportunity to have the best birth possible!
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  • Prepare your child for school

    Prepare your child for school

    With half of all five year olds declared not ready for school this blog explores what a parent can do to prepare your child for school and outlines skill areas and support that is available for parents to help their child prepare for school.
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  • Baby changing bag.

    Baby changing bag.

    Baby changing bags are a must have item and are a great way to carry all your baby's essential items in. Combine style with function, as your baby changing bag will be your constant companion for many months to come.
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  • Starting big school!

    Starting big school!

    Many parents feel some anxiety about their child starting formal education. Whether its starting nursery school or reception, this jump is a big step.
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  • Baby Courses: Bonding and Beyond

    Baby Courses: Bonding and Beyond

    Join us for six-weeks of baby courses covering many of the common issues parents will experience with their new baby. We offer support, advice and information in a fun, relaxed environment whilst your baby feeds or sleeps and you get to drink a descent cup of coffee! Come along to our friendly sessions to make new friends and gain confidence in being a parent! The cost of the six-week course is £45.00 or if you prefer you can pay as you go for £10.00 per session. WEEK 1: Meet & Greet (free taster session) This session is a great opportunity to discover what topic’s we will be covering in future weeks, sleeping, teething, weaning, baby development activity ideas, & childcare options. You will get to freely chat about your own experiences with parenthood and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a piece of cake! WEEK 2: Sleeping During this session you will learn about and hopefully find answers to the following questions: What are expected babies sleep cycles? How much
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