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  • Toddler Tantrums

    Toddler Tantrums

    Terrible Twos means the start of toddler tantrums? The actual word tantrum strikes fear with even the hardiest parent! Really your toddler is just trying to express themselves and at times frustration sets in and displays itself as a tantrum!
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  • Fatherhood - Perspective of a new dad

    Fatherhood - Perspective of a new dad

    What, now that baby is here, has been the greatest joy of fatherhood? It’s amazing to think that you made the little person in front of you. It’s a funny feeling really – Generally I fell awesomely scared and petrified but also so grateful to have him in our life – I guess that is the joy bit.
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  • Dummies


    During the early months a dummy can help to soothe and settle. This is understandable; as most babies have a strong sucking reflex and the dummy can, in many cases, help to settle your baby. Sometimes a dummy can soothe a baby’s cries when nothing else can, particularly for ‘sucky’ babies. In the US they call dummies pacifiers!
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  • Slugs & Snails Boys Tights - a revelation!

    Slugs & Snails Boys Tights - a revelation!

    The tights that my sister in law sent were adorable. Made by an Irish Company called Slugs and Snails, these tights are incredibly soft and cosy. Thick, but not excessively so, the first time I put them on Owen I knew they would be a staple in this wardrobe. He wore that pair two days in a row and I knew I needed to purchase more.
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  • What Katy Said - Cloth Nappies

    What Katy Said - Cloth Nappies

    People have the misconception that reusables are a hassle. Older generations tell us that they were awful and we should stick to disposables as they are 'easy'. However, times have changed and modern cloth nappies work just like disposables - they even have Velcro, so no more pins!
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