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Parents & Co provide support for mums preparing for a new baby or with their new arrival through workshops, courses and one-to-one support for new parents. 

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Parents & Co deliver a range of services both prenatal & postnatal. From workshops and courses, to individualised support for parents and parents to be. We also offer specific a bespoke consultancy services to customers. 

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Sleep Support for Parents

Sleep Support for Parents

A Testimonial from a Sleep Deprived Mum As first time parents you get lots of unhelpful advice, especially when you have a problem. Our problem was that we hadn't had a full night's sleep for 20 months and the cracks were really showing! Our daughter would need cuddling to sleep and would wake up every night, at least once, for around 2 whole hours. Lots of people told me to let her cry herself to sleep, but that felt wrong to me, it hurt me to even think about it,so we carried on cuddling her to sleep and hoped one day she'd sleep through the night by herself. My husband has a demanding job and I am pregnant again and looking after an active toddler, we started to feel like we weren't fulfilling our roles properly, like exhaustion had become part of our personalities and we were totally different people. We were unhappy, stressed and parenting became harder and harder. The disturbed sleep must have been having the same effect on our daughter. Karen was recommended to me
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Our Latest Video Review

Postnatal Exercise

Postnatal Exercise

“How much weight did you gain?” “Are you back to your pre-baby weight yet?” If you haven’t been asked these questions, chances are you’ve thought about them anyway. How much more ‘baby weight’ there was left to lose was a common topic in mummy groups after I had my babies.
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